B2B Partnership

365 campaigner is a mobile and e-mail marketing company providing comprehensive messaging solutions to our clients. We provide a number of innovative and revolutionary mobile and e-mail marketing solutions and one of such service is CAMPAIGN.

Campaign is a collection of SMS and E-mail messages that are automatically delivered to subscribers at a pre-determined duration, date and time. Messages cuts across love, quotes, devotionals, jokes, poem, health, sport, politics, history, business and entertainment that can be sent to loved ones, friends, staffs and subscribers on your list in order to keep them motivated and focused.  

Each of these categories requires contents and through our B2B partnership scheme, interested content provider can partner with us the in provision of contents.


Items 365 Campaigner
Payment Maturity ₦ 5,000
Monthly Access Fee Not Applicable
Start – Up Cost Free
Earnings Earn ₦ 0.2 per message
Set-up Time Between 1-2 hours

Some of the benefits of becoming a content provider on our platform includes


Content provider earns ₦ 0.2 per message for the rest of their life. Earnings from campaign and share / earn are combined.


365 campaigner would ensure maximum marketing and publicity of your contents on different platforms both online and offline.

Because we work with other content providers specializing in the different areas of interest, we would be able to attract different subscribers with possible interest in your content.


The amount earned can be easily seen along with your payment and earning history (transactional history).

The payment threshold is set at ₦ 5,000, which makes it easy for you receive your earnings. Payment would be made into your account directly.

Cash credits (Earnings) can be viewed under the Orders, Payments, Earning and Bookings sections on the DASHBOARD. Payment can be requested once the user meets the payment threshold. To receive payment, add your banking details under the PERSONAL INFORMATION on the DASHBOARD.

In order to become a content provider on our platform, register on our website and get approved by website administrator to be our content provider.