Bulk SMS Marketing For Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in Nigeria

An HMO is an organized public or private entity that provides basic and supplemental health services to its subscribers. The organization secures its network of health providers by entering into contracts with primary care physicians, clinical facilities, and specialists. The medical entities that enter into contracts with the HMO are paid an agreed fee to offer a range of services to the HMO’s subscribers. The agreed payment allows an HMO to offer lower premiums than other types of health insurance plans, while retaining a high quality of care from its network.

HMO subscribers pay a monthly or annual premium to access medical services in the organization’s network of providers, but are also limited to receiving healthcare from these contracted medical providers. An insured must get his care and services from doctors under the HMO network, however, some out-of-network medical care can be covered under the HMO. These types of services include emergency care and dialysis. Furthermore, coverage under a health maintenance organization may require the insured to live or work in the plan's area of network in order to be eligible for coverage. In cases, where a subscriber receives urgent care while out of the HMO network region, the HMO may cover the expenses. Any non-emergency out-of-network care received will be paid out-of-pocket.

In addition to the low premiums, there are typically no deductibles with an HMO. Instead, the organization charges an amount, known as a co-payment, for each clinical visit, test, or prescriptions. Co-payments in HMOs are typically low and amount to $5, $10, or $20 per care, thereby, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses and making HMO plans affordable for families and employers.

The insured must choose a primary care physician (PCP) from the network of local healthcare providers under an HMO plan. A primary care physician is typically an individual’s first point of contact for all health related issues. This means that an insured cannot see a specialist unless the PCP refers him or her to a specialist. However, certain specialized services, such as screening mammograms, do not require referrals. A specialist that an insured is referred to typically falls within the HMO coverage, therefore the services provided by the specialist will be covered under the HMO plan after co-payments are made. A subscriber will be notified if his primary care physician leaves the network, in which case, he will have to choose another physician in the HMO plan.

Given the vital roles that subscribers / patients and health care providers play in the administration of Health Maintenance Organization's (HMO), it is very important that Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) deploy a very effective tool of managing and co-ordinating their activities before, during and after the medical check-ups.

365 campaigner list building service is dedicated to helping individual, companies, businesses, bloggers, event organizers, politicians and political parties in Nigeria to build a target list.

After registration and the list is approved, the user needs to populate the list. The list can be automatically or manually generated.

Automatic generation is when subscribers subscribe through your profile page on our website while manually is when the details of the subscribers are manually collected and uploaded on your profile page on our website.

For manual registration, generated a form that your agents, volunteers and supporters can use to collect the name, state / LGA, date of birth, mobile number and e-mail address of subscribers. The data collected can be in-putted into the list from the back-end of the list. Such data can be collected in rallies and road shows. To work effectively, the list must be collected with the consent of the subscriber.

For online registration, our one-time password (OTP) is used to validate mobile number and e-mail address submitted by subscribers thereby making your list authentic.

The list captures the First Name, Second Name, Gender, State, LGA, E-Mail address, Mobile Number, Date of Birth and Wedding Anniversary of the subscriber.

There is not limit to the number of list that can be generated and it is free of charge. No monthly subscription. The list can be segmented into different strata’s like patients, doctors, opticians, suppliers, interest groups etc.

Through this target list, Health Maintenance Organization's (HMO) can utilize bulk SMS marketing to

    Send SMS for the payment reminders

    Send SMS to cretae disease awareness

    Send SMS to Provide Health Tips and Side Effect Reminders

In addition, our system automatically sends messages to subscribers on your list on their birthday, wedding anniversaries, New month, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Worker’s Day, Democracy Day, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Women's Day and Children's Day.

The user can add other festive days, add and edit messages and the messages would be sent on the selected date to subscribers of the list.

Am sure you are eager to start using our services and want to know the cost. Guess what, it is free. Yes, free. No monthly maintenance fee.

 However, we charge a reasonable cost of N 3 (or existing cost) / SMS and N 1 E-Mail.

 To register a subscriber, the following SMS are used


-          One - time password (OTP) – Mandatory N 3 (or existing cost) / SMS

-          Thank You Message (Sent after subscriber registers on your list) – Optional N 3 (or existing cost) / SMS


-          One - time password (OTP) – Mandatory N 1 (or existing cost) / E-Mail

So, it cost N 7 to register a subscriber. To build a list of 10,000 subscribers, it would cost you only N 70,000. Imagine, what 10,000 loyal subscribers would do for your product /services.

Remember, because our festive messages are automatically set, you would need to enough SMS and E-mail so that the messages can be sent.

You can post and share your build your list webpage on social media to increase subscribers. We have also created other useful tool like events and announce my event to enable our user build different sets of subscribers.

 Advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing in Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) in Nigeria:

1. Personal Touch - Bulk SMS helps you to attract more and more public support. Moreover, it helps you to keep a personal touch as the SMS reaches everyone individually because every voter is important.

2. Time Savvy - You can’t promote your products and services door to door. Bulk SMS helps you to send your message to millions of recipients at the same time and thus saves your valuable time.

3. More Responsive - Bulk SMS is more responsive in comparison to emails and other services. According to statistics on an average ninety-eight percent (98%) of messages are received and read by recipients. This fact alone is enough to prove that Bulk SMS is more responsive.

4.  Speed - It goes without saying that bulk SMS is the fastest means of communication. Just type the message and hit the “send” button, and your message is delivered to millions of recipients with a blink of an eye.

 5. Low Cost and High ROI - Traditional marketing strategies like newspapers, hoarding and banners are bit expensive but Bulk SMS campaign can be launched and executed within a tiny fraction of the amount.

You can post and share your build your list webpage on social media to increase subscribers. We have also created other useful tool like events and announce my event to enable our user build different sets of subscribers.

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