DND Policy

Please be informed that the NCC has mandated all operators in Nigeria to introduce a Do-Not-Disturb (DND) service to all customers, effective from July 1, 2016.  

 The DND service will allow customers to choose their preference with respect to receiving broadcasted promotional messages and calls on their mobile phones.

 The service will feature the following:  

  • Fully Blocked mode allowing customers to Opt Out totally from receiving promotional messages via SMS and IVR. 
  •  Partially Blocked mode allowing customers to filter service categories for promotional messages they wish to receive. Any category not selected is blocked. 

 DND Service Short Codes: 

 To Activate the DND service, text STOP to 2442 and to de-activate the DND service, text ALLOW to 2442. 

 Simply text HELP to the short code 2442 to find out more and text the Numbers below to activate particular options. 

 SMS 1: To receive Banking / Insurance/ Financial Products 

SMS SMS 2: To receive Real Estate SMS and IVR messages 

SMS 3: To receive Education SMS and IVR messages 

SMS 4: To receive Health SMS and IVR messages 

SMS 5: To receive Consumer goods & Automobiles SMS and IVR messages 

SMS 6: To receive Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT SMS and IVR messages 

SMS 7: To receive Tourism & Leisure SMS and IVR messages 

SMS 8: To receive Sport SMS and IVR messages 

SMS 9: To receive Religion SMS and IVR messages

If your mobile number is registered on the DND list, you would not receive our OTP required for registration on this list.  Text STATUS to 2442 to know your DND status and ALLOW from your mobile number to 2442 to be removed from the list.