Freequently Asked Questions

How do I send bulk SMS? How many sender ID's can I use? Is the price the same for bulk SMS sent abroad and to Nigeria? What is the price of Voice SMS? Which phone number format do I use to send bulk SMS in Nigeria ? I Have Forgotten My Password / ID? 1 Credit = 1 Message to any Nigerian Network Do you deliver bulk SMS to all the networks in Nigeria? What is the minimum credit I can buy? Do my SMS units expire? How can I purchase SMS credits? How many numbers can I send SMS to at once? Can I send SMS to other countries? Can I schedule SMS so that it sends automatically without logging in? How much does a SMS unit cost?
How much does an E- Mail unit cost? What is the minimum credit I can buy? Can I send E- Mail to other countries? Do my E- Mail units expire?
How much do you charge for withdrawals? How much do you charge as transaction fee for card payment processing?
When does an event placed on your website expire? Do you verify organizer before they can place events on your event