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Mobile and Email marketing are the most productive advertising tool, E-mail has about ninety percent (90%) deliverability guaranteed while SMS has ninety-nine percent (99%).

Mobile and email marketing requires one essential component that is extremely necessary for every campaign, a target list. Target the right people with the right marketing list. No matter what niche market you’re targeting, we have the right mailing list for you. We will pinpoint the top consumer prospects from our database of consumers, enabling you to pursue your marketing goals.

365 Campaigner's marketing list is a database of leads that is built by bloggers and content providers using our innovative list building tools. captures the information you need to reach decision-makers in your target market, so you can connect directly with the right people to close more deals, increase your brand loyalty, grow your political capital / structure and organize your marketing process.

Advantage Of Using Our Marketing List

  • Highly Targeted List.
  • Complete contact information with opt-in lists.
  • Ninety percent (90%) deliverability guaranteed for e-mail while SMS has ninety-nine percent (99%).

CREATE YOUR MARKETING LIST ON OUR PLATFORM AND SMILE TO THE BANK. is a mobile and e-mail marketing service provider. We provide a number of innovative and revolutionary mobile and e-mail marketing solutions and one of such service is the MARKETING LIST.

With our marketing list service journalist, professional, specialist, website owners and interested list builders can create a list on our website and use the link generated to seek for subscribers.

The list generated is automatically displayed on our MARKETING LIST page. The user earns ₦ 1 SMS, Voice SMS & E-mail sent by the advertiser.

Kyneli Business Support Services owners of 365 Campaigner seeks to work with journalist, professional, specialist, website owners and interested list builders to develop industry specific marketing list.

Some of the benefits of becoming a list builder on our platform includes


As an industry specific list builder, you earn ₦ 1 SMS, Voice SMS & E-mail sent by the advertiser.


365 campaigner would ensure maximum marketing and publicity of your marketing list on different platforms both online and offline.

Because we work with other content providers specializing in the different areas of interest, we would be able to attract different advertisers with possible interest in your list.


The amount earned can be easily seen along with your payment and earning history (transaction history).

The payment threshold is set at ₦ 5,000, which makes it easy for you receive your earnings. Payment would be made into your account directly.

Total Number of Contacts 10,000
SMS cost of building 10,000 contacts @ ₦ 5 / SMS ₦ 50,000.00
Email cost of building 10,000 contacts @ ₦ 2 / Email ₦ 20,000.00
Total Expenses ₦ 70,000.00
Total Number of Contacts 10,000
Earnings per SMS ₦ 1 / SMS
Earnings per Email ₦ 1 / Email
Average List Usage per annum 5
Earnings from SMS ₦ 50,000
Earnings from E-Mail ₦ 50,000
Expected Earnings per annum
₦ 100,000

We seek to work with websites / businesses with high traffic and volume, send us a mail at for more details.

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