Social Connect

Social Connect is a great tool to help associations and co-operative societies deal with the vital task of managing their contacts (members), co-ordinate meetings and collecting dues.

Many associations and co-operative societies find it difficult to manage their members, collect and verify payments. As a result, they record reduced revenues and profitability. 365 Campaigner's SOCIAL CONNECT changes all that. Thanks to our marketing automation solution, you can now market with unmatched precision, coordination and results.

Our SOCIAL CONNECT tool is suitable for the following groups / organizations:


With our membership plus, users with a list can organize subscribers to pay membership dues, sell tickets and project financing. This service is suitable for Town Unions, Street / Estate Associations, Clubs, Support Groups, Co-operative Societies, Political parties / organizations, Politicians, Sport Fan Clubs and Non- Governmental Organizations.

To create a list, please do take the following steps :

  1. Register on our website
  2. Purchase SMS & Email credits
  3. Click on the SOCIAL CONNECT button and then on CREATE NEW SOCIAL CONNECT button
  4. Provide the required details
  5. Provide a means of identification (International Passport, Drivers License, Voters Card, National ID)
  6. Provide a Letter of Authorization
  7. Make the the required payment - N 10,000
  8. Upon approval, the list would be available for use.

Now the next step is adding contacts to your list and that can be achieved in two ways

  1. Through the subscription link: Once your list is approved, a subscription link would be created on the list table. You can ask your subscribers to submit their details through this link and same would be captured into list. The subscription link can be attached to the organizations website or shared and distributed on social media.
  2. Through the import contact link: By clicking on the import link in the list table, the user would provided with the option of adding contacts to their list. The user can add single contact or bulk contact adopting the prescribed format. Our simple and scalable list building solution coupled with our SMS, Voice SMS & E-mail deliverability ensures a high response rate and marketing return on investment.


All from one point,

  • You can collect membership dues
  • View members who have paid their membership dues and those yet to.
  • Collect payment for your organizations project i.e purchase of estate transformer
  • Generation receipt for every payment made
  • Sell tickets to your organizations events

Search User's Social Connect

Our SHARED SOCIAL CONNECT offers advertisers the option of sorting contacts across gender, age and location. The list is generated by partners on our platform and shared to earn points.