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Announce your events to family, friends and business associates using by our amazing event announcement service.

The service would automatically send message to your event attendees at a pre-determined time.

Users can announce weddings, burial, birthdays, political rally, crusade, book launch, candidacy declaration, town hall meeting, seminar and conference, musical events/ concert, product and service launch, album launch, induction, auctions, auditions, chieftaincy title, trade fairs/ shows and appreciation events.

Please do take the following steps in order to enjoy this amazing service

1.       Register on our website / sign-in if you have already registered

2.      Click on the ANNOUNCE MY EVENT button on the profile of the user

3.      Provide the needed details

4.      A link of the event announcement would be created in your profile page once you click on the submit button.

5.     Determine the number of persons expected at the event and purchase the required credit. i.e If you are expecting say 100 guests and you expect to send out five (5) message (registration, dress code, venue, direction of venue and thank you message) to them, below is the expected credit to be purchased

Plans & Pricing

Choose a plan that works for you

Price N 5,000.00 N 30,000.00 N 375,000.00
Gift Shop Yes Yes Yes
Article Enabled Yes Yes Yes
Message Scheduling Yes Yes Yes
Share and Earn Yes Yes Yes
Donate Button Yes Yes Yes
Sub-Categories Yes Yes Yes
Message Per Subscriber 10 12 15
List Building Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Subscriber 100 500 50,000


Tweet and post the link of your event announcement created on your profile to family, friends and business associates in social media network. Ask your contacts to share the post for viral effect.

Once subscribers register using the details in the form, their details would be captured and sent to your profile and the message would be sent at the pre-determined time.

Announced Events

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Provide a desciption of the dress code e.g We are rocking GOLD and WHITE as th
Sat,Dec 29 - Tue,Dec 26
08:00 AM - 08:06 AM
16 Lawrence Omagbemi Street, Powerline, Ejigbo, Lagos
Nnamdi Weds Uche 2018
We are rocking GOLD and WHITE as the official colours for the ceremony.
Tue,Oct 23 - Tue,Mar 27
10:52 AM - 10:53 AM
SS Peter and Paul, Ejigbo, Lagos.