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Mobile and Email marketing are the most productive advertising tool. Being an easy way to suggest your service to great many people without big money costs, mobile and email marketing requires one essential component that is extremely necessary for every campaign, a target list.

An electronic mailing list is the use of mobile numbers and email address for widespread distribution of information to many internet users.

If you are looking for a targeted list of prospects to help you grow your business, then you have come to the right place.  We have numerous databases across all the local government areas in Nigeria to help businesses, religious organizations and politicians to send targeted messages.

Nigeria, a country of about one hundred and eighty million people (180,000,000) and about one hundred and thirty million (130,000,000) active mobile phones, that is about seventy-nine percent (79%) of the entire population of the country and over forty eight million (48,000,000) internet users.

These presents an excellent means advertisement because it is easier to reach people through their mobile phones and e-mail address than any other traditional means of advertising.

Our connect me service enables interested parties likes religious organizations, political parties, schools, event managers to send bulk SMS (Text and Voice) and e-mail message to any of the selected leads on our platform.

We have two (2) types of list on connect me , shared list (list shared by users) and list based on the seven hundred and seventy-four (774) local government areas of Nigeria.

To use our connect me services, users have to be pre-approved and this is to guide against SPAM messages.

Start using our services by taking the following steps

  • Register on our website.
  • Submit your ID (International Passport, Drivers License etc) for verification by uploading it on the PERSONAL INFORMATION through the DASHBOARD page.
  • Once approved, the user can start using the connect me services.
  • Purchase SMS and E-mail credits.
  • Click on the list of choice by clicking on VIEW LIST. The list can be sorted by gender, age, state and local government areas (LGA).

Message delivery report can be viewed under the SMS and E-mails on the DASHBOARD.

Our SHARED LIST offers advertisers the option of sorting contacts across gender, age and location. The list is generated by partners on our platform and shared to earn points. Please do know that the number of contacts in the SMS and Email list might not tally because of incomplete entry and repeat of contacts across the lists.

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1123882772 - HHuuet 1


by : Anaekwe Nnamdi

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Atiku 2019

I Must Win 2019 - Atiku 2019 1

We would win the elections.

by : Anaekwe Nnamdi

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Mercy of God - One With God is One With Majority 1

For the Love of God

by : HeYouhuuu

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A Vanguard - Transperancy Inter 6


by : NnamdiNnamdi

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Governorship Election in Anambra State

Politics 2019 - Governorship Election in Anambra State 2

Cassava is one of the most important root crops in Nigeria. Apart from being a staple crop in both rural and urban house-holds cassava is a major source of income to cassava farmers and processors in the rural areas.

by : Anaekwe Nnamdi

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